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NEW to our range !!!


SAMBA Firelighters

Samba natural firelighters




New to our range

SAMBA NATURAL FIRELIGHTERS. This product is made from recycled wood waste and wax. As with our compressed firewood logs they are non toxic and are made using waste product that would normally be dumped.

Fire starting KIT

Samba natural firelighters and gas igniter
parcels of compressed logs

We provide
Samba Firelighters in a convenient fire starting kit which contains two tubes containing 200 firelighters enough to do your whole season. Also for your convenience we have included two easy to use gas igniters so no more hassles with matches. As well as 9 parcels of Compressed Logs.

Refill kit

Samba firelighter refill kit
Samba firelighter refills and gas igniters
Samba firelighter reusable tubes

The Samba Firlighters come in an attractive and reusable tube, so we have also made a refill kit for you to restock if you choose. This kit contains 96 firelighters and 2 gas igniters. As shown in the pictures.

Making your life easier!

Once you have used this product for starting your fire I can promise you will never go back to kindling wood paper or matches again. Our aim is to make your life easier with no more swinging axes or the hassle of kindling.



firewood engine

We deliver

We will deliver your Fire Starting Kit with your firewood saving you the hassle and fuss. We can also deliver extra boxes of compressed logs as 1 box is capable of starting 24 fires (if used as shown in our starting your fire the easy way video clip) so 5 boxes should get you approx 120 fire starts.

Firewood Direct's Fire Starting Kit Firewood Direct's Fire Starting Kit Firewood Direct's Fire Starting Kit

A word about our compressed firewood logs

Our compressed firewood logs are also able to be used as firewood in their own right they burn hot, as they are made from a variety of hard woods and Radiata pine. Just place a whole parcel on your fire with your firewood if you want to give it a boost. We demonstrate this in the starting your fire the easy way.

link to starting your fire the easy way

We can deliver bulk boxes to your door (minimum for this is 10 boxes) or you can pick up from our depot in Akatarawa road Upper Hutt.